How to Slow Hellhounds with Cryo Freeze Ammo in MW3 Zombies

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Cryo Freeze Slow Hell Hound MW3
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Act I of the MW3 Zombies story is full of random missions for you to complete, including Freezer Burn, which requires players to slow Hellhounds with Cryo Freeze Ammo Mods. We’ll tell you how to slow hellhounds with cryo freeze ammo in MW3 Zombies.

MW3 Zombies: How to Slow Hellhounds with Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod

The best way to slow Hellhounds with Cryo Freeze Ammo Mods is by using a semi-automatic weapon with no upgrades so you can deal minimum damage to enemies. Hellhounds die super quick, and if you kill them with one shot, then there’s no way to slow them. We recommend applying the Cryo Ammo to a weapon like the DM56, which is what we used, or a semi-automatic MCW.


As the DMC56 is an Armory Unlock, you’ll have access to it once you hit level 25. You’ll need to do 3 daily challenges after activating this gun in the armor. You can also find the DM56 in Zombies mode and extract with it to unlock it. You can activate the MCW once you hit level 44 in MW3.

Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod MW3 Zombies
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Each time you shoot an enemy with Cryo Freeze Ammo Mods, there is a chance for some ice to burst and cause a slowing effect. For the Freezer Burn mission specifically, it has to be on the Hellhound. Make sure you aim for the body so you have a chance to activate the slow effect. After you see the ice form, you can go for the kill.

Frost Damage Kills Don’t Count as Slows

While trying to complete this mission against ten hounds, you’ll likely see a ton of Frost Damage kills on the screen. This does not count as slow at all, so if you don’t see any progress for Freezer Burn, that’s why. Your overall goal is to use a weapon that is precise and has minimal damage.

You can find the Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod itself all over Urzikstan, as contracts rewards or hidden inside loot caches. Those who have the schematic can make one for free as long as the cooldown is over. Then you can get to freezing up those Hellhounds.

If you want a full guide on the ammo itself, check out my guide on how to get Cryo Freeze Ammo in MW3 Zombies.

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