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How to Show Hitboxes in Minecraft (Bedrock and Java)

Gotta hit them where it hurts

by Patrick Souza
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One of the most annoying things in Minecraft is trying to hit a mob to no avail and looking goofy while you do it. Sometimes you’re just not used to their hitboxes, and it would be helpful to actually know how big they actually are. While the game does a good job on fair hitboxes, extra detail is never a bad call.

Well, turns out that people out there at Mojang also think the same, and that’s why there’s a shortcut to enable hitboxes for each and every mob in the game. See how you can do it here.

How to Enable Hitboxes on Minecraft Java Edition

If you’re playing the Java edition (it will have “Java” on its name, hard to miss that), you can press F3 + B to show the hitboxes. It will work on every single mob you find, from monsters to villagers, showing clearly the best spot to strike for a kill. They can be disabled by pressing the same combination again.

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Aside from this occasional combat support, there’s not much reason to keep them enabled all the time, and since you can do it with no consequences, feel free to enable and disable them as much as you like.

How to Enable Hitboxes on Minecraft Bedrock Edition

If you’re playing on Bedrock (usually just called “Minecraft”), things are a little bit more complicated as there’s no native way of enabling hitboxes. The F3 + B command will bring up the emote wheel instead, so you cannot enable them in this version. If you’re playing vanilla, at least.

You’ll need mods to see the hitboxes on Bedrock. Modding this edition is quite easier, at least, as they usually just need to be executed and will automatically install themselves into the game. Be aware that some mods may not be complete yet and may not show every hitbox yet. Give the mod developers some more time, and a full pack may eventually be out.

Why have they removed hitboxes on Bedrock? Beats me; if you couldn’t find a good hitbox mod for this edition, you can usually take the Java hitboxes as a base to know how big they are in Bedrock. Again, I say usually because there are quite a few different things here compared to Java, and hitboxes might just be some of those.

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