How to Redeem Overwatch 2’s Butterfinger Code

These sprays are worth the anaphylactic shock

After the Overwatch League, Butterfinger’s prominent ad placement has been a bit of a meme. Nothing takes the intensity of a team fight like seeing Butterfingers superimposed over a building, like really weird corporate graffiti.

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But Butterfinger and Overwatch continue their torrid, money-making love affair this December with the release of The Butterfinger Overwatch 2 Offer. I didn’t name it, don’t blame me. This offer will continue until January 31, 2023.

Here’s how Overwatch players can benefit. By purchasing Butterfingers or other participating products like Crunch or Baby Ruth, you will have the opportunity to submit your receipt to the Butterfingers Site and obtain an in-game spray for Overwatch 2.

How to Redeem Overwatch 2’s Butterfinger Code

If you’re down to purchase some candy, you’ll need to purchase either two Butterfinger Bars or one bag, then navigate to Butterfinger’s website, which can be accessed here. Once you’ve landed on the Butterfinger page, it will prompt you to enter your age. Do so, and you’ll arrive at a page asking you to connect your Battle.Net account.

Log in to your Battle.Net Account, and you’ll reach the final step. You must upload your receipt. To do so, you must have a digital file of your receipt (likely, you’ll have to take a picture of your receipt, then upload it to your computer or access the Butterfinger site with your phone). Upload it, then click Next. An image of your receipt will be shown to you. If the image is satisfactory, press submit.

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You’ll then land on a page that says your image will be reviewed within 48 hours.

But what spray will you get once you submit? There are three tiers, as described by the Butterfinger Site.

  • Tier 1: Soujourn – Power Slide Spray
  • Tier 2: Junker Queen – Golden Crown Spray
  • Tier 3: Geranman Icon

Each tier is reached by purchasing one Butterfinger bars or one bag of Butterfingers. So, to obtain the Geranman Icon, you’ll need to purchase six Butterfinger bars or one Butterfinger bag.

You might notice that Kiriko Spray is missing from this tier list. Unfortunately, to obtain the Kiriko spray, you’ll need to purchase two Butterfingers (or one Butterfinger Bag) from Circle K. After this purchase, participants will receive a text with the code for the spray.

Hope you like Butterfingers, Overwatch fans!

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