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How to Reach the Clock Tower in Dead Cells

The Clock Tower is... a stage in this videogame

by Lucas White

So the Clock Tower is one of the original levels in Dead Cells. But as it turns out, the Clock Tower is also instrumental to playing through the Return to Castlevania DLC storyline. If you’re new to Dead Cells thanks to this neat Konami crossover, you may be wondering what the hell Alucard is talking about when he tells you what to do next. So here’s a guide on how to get to the Clock Tower in Dead Cells.

How to Reach the Clock Tower in Dead Cells

Like I said in the intro graf, the Clock Tower is one of the original levels from Dead Cells on day one. It’s one of the fifth stages you can get to, and there are two different previous stages you can choose from to get there. To get to the Clock Tower you have to go through either the Stilt Village or the Slumbering Sanctuary.

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From there you’re pretty much guaranteed a trip to Dracula’s Castle. There’s only one way out of the Clock Tower since it’s a boss stage, which is great news. It’s also kinda bad news, since the fight in the Clock Room is a huge pain in the ass. But after that, as long as you’ve played through the first part of the Castlevania content and fought Death (in a different run), the door to Dracula’s Castle will appear in front of the regular passage to other stages.

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For context if it’s even necessary, the whole reason the Clock Tower stage is involved here is that stage already was a reference to Castlevania in and of itself. Nearly every game in the series has a “Clock Tower” stage, which is often one of the most harrowing sections towards the end of an assault on Dracula. Castlevania III’s Clock Tower in particular is notorious for its NES-era nonsense, but it’s far from the only one. So when Alucard shows up and explains the parallels between Dracula’s Clock Tower and whatever the Dead Cells’ universe is, it makes sense that’s where the connection is made.

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