How to Play Local Multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Here is a guide on how to play local multiplayer on Modern Warfare 3.

Sometimes, all a gamer wants to do is sit back and play some Call of Duty with his friends. For some, online multiplayer is the best, but nothing truly beats playing split screen on local multiplayer with one of your buddies. Here’s how you can do just that in MW3.

How to Play Local Multiplayer and Split Screen in Modern Warfare 3

Back in the day, local multiplayer was the main way to play Call of Duty. Whether you were playing the campaign together, fighting each other in 1v1s or even facing off against a bunch of bots together, local multiplayer was the way to go.

Now, with how popular online multiplayer is, many often forget about local multiplayer and its greatness. Now, with Modern Warfare 3 out, a lot of players are questioning if you can still play the legendary mode.

The answer is yes; and here is a breakdown of exactly how you can do it.

1. Turn On a 2nd Controller for Split Screen

The first step is simple; turn on a second controller. Select the PlayStation or Xbox account you want to play or make a new one.

The game will then prompt Player 2 to press X to join Split Screen.

2. Login to Activision Account.

The game will then have you log in to your Activision account or make a new one.

Once the second controller is logged in, the two players should be able to play co-op multiplayer or the campaign together. To know for sure if the second account is hooked up, you should see two icons in the upper-right-hand corner.

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