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How to Perform NewJeans Dance in PUBG

Show off those dance moves, bunnies!

Performing one of the NewJeans dances using the new emotes is one of the quests or missions to get the free PUBG X NewJeans cosmetics from the event. It is easy to do the dance, but there are some requirements to get this freebie. Here’s a short guide on how to perform the NewJeans dance in PUBG and finish the mission without paying a single dime.

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How to Perform the NewJeans Dance at the Event Stage in PUBG

The mission from the PUBG X NewJeans event center says, “Perform any NewJeans dance at a PUBG X NewJeans event stage in the starting location before the match starts.”

When you queue any type of game, whether it is casual or ranked, you’ll be taken to the starting location or lobby before the match starts. All starting locations will have a PUBG X NewJeans stage. When you enter the starting lobby, go to the wrapped stage and activate it. It’ll transform into a NewJeans stage where everyone can go to the stage and dance.

However, only players with the NewJeans emotes can dance on the stage. These emotes can only be bought in the shop for 2,000 G-Coins. You can buy the Bubble Gum, Super Shy, Ditto, OMG, How Sweet, and Hype Boy emotes from the shop, and all of them are considered one of the NewJeans dances needed to complete the mission.

So, if you don’t want to spend G-Coins for the emotes, you have to play matches and hope that someone buys it and performs it on the stage. If you go to the stage and someone performs the NewJeans emote, you’ll automatically finish the mission since you can join the emote as a group on the PUBG X NewJeans stage.

Note: There’s a higher chance of finding players with the new skin if you queue Taego since there are other exclusive quests on this map.

Once you finish the mission, you get a free Cool Lemon Spray emote!

There’s also a nice touch to these emotes where if you use any of the NewJeans emotes as one of the NewJeans members, you’ll perform a different dance compared to everyone who joins the group emote with you. The PUBG X NewJeans collaboration brings a ton of new updates and cosmetics to the game, as every map is now NewJeans-themed. You might even get lucky by opening the free PUBG X NewJeans Event Caches and getting one of the NewJeans members outright.

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