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How to Make Sun in Infinite Craft

Here comes the sun

In this guide, you’ll learn the fastest way to make Sun in Infinite Craft, as well as extra recipes that use the element Sun.

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Infinite Craft: How to Make the Sun

Sun is quite quick to make in Infinite Craft, and thankfully so, since it can be used in many helpful recipes once you have it unlocked. The only element you need to make to get to Sun that isn’t part of your first four element entourage is Planet, so let’s get started by combining Earth and Wind to make Dust.

Element 1Element 2Result
How to make Dust in Infinite Craft

After that, add Earth back to the Dust to get Planet.

Element 1Element 2Result
How to make Planet in Infinite Craft

Now you’re ready to make Sun: just combine Planet with Fire.

Element 1Element 2Result
How to make Sun in Infinite Craft

Yes, the Sun is a star, not a planet, but this is the fastest way to get from zero to the Sun in Infinite Craft. Certain other combinations can work, too, such as Dandelion and Planet, but those take a few extra steps to complete.

Infinite Craft: Basic Recipes That use Sun

Now that you have the Sun available in your list of Infinite Craft elements, you can use it to make all sorts of interesting combinations. The table below lists everything you can craft using Sun with the elements you have from the start and from following the guide above.

Element 1Element 2Result
SunWater OR RainRainbow
SunStar OR Black HoleSupernova
SunSupernovaBlack Hole
SunWind OR Sun OR SunflowerSunflower
SunFruit OR RaisinRaisin
SunSand OR OasisDesert
SunPlanet OR Solar SystemSolar System
Infinite Craft: Basic recipes that use Sun

As you can see, there are some “duplicates” and loops, like with Desert and Oasis or Sunflower, but this is already a very hefty start for a single element in Infinite Craft. For more space-themed elements you can craft, check out our guides on how to make the universe, all the different planets, or even just space itself in Infinite Craft.

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