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How to Make Latex in Minecraft Education Edition

Making latex for educational purposes

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Make Latex in Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition is mostly utilized in schools as an educational tool, providing a fun way for kids to learn the fundamentals of several sciences through the well-known Minecraft gameplay. Instead of stacking blocks and building pig farms, this version allows you to make elements from the periodic table by modifying the number of protons, electrons, and neutrons at the Compound Creation block.

So you’ve been assigned the task of creating Latex in Minecraft Education Edition; you may be asking why you need to build Latex and what it’s used for. Most likely you were been given this project as part of the process of creating decorative balloons that require this material. In any case, follow the detailed guide below to learn how to make Latex the scientific way.

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How to Make Latex in Minecraft Education Edition?

To create Latex in Minecraft Education Edition you need to open up the Compound Creator and mix the following compounds:

  • Carbon x5
  • Hydrogen x8.

To get Carbon open up the Element Constructor and set it as follows:

  • Protons x6
  • Electrons x6
  • Neutrons x5

For Hydrogen set Element Constructor like this:

  • Protons x1
  • Electrons x1
  • Neutrons x0

When you have all the necessary elements, place them on the Compound Creator and you will get Latex, repeat the process until you collect as much as you need.

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So there you have it, now you know how to make some Latex the real scientific way! Go ahead and impress your teacher, just don’t mention looking this guide up.

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