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How to Make Ice Bombs in Minecraft Education Edition

An easy way to turn water to ice!

by Madison Benson
How to Make Ice Bombs in Minecraft Education Edition

Let’s be honest: you can do just about anything in Minecraft. You can build entire worlds and planets, create custom items and even make behavior packs to revamp the game completely. Even if we dial things back a notch and look at vanilla resources, you can craft all types of things, from various foods to weapons and armor. While Minecraft Java and Bedrock have many features, Education Edition is an entirely different experience, especially once you dive into chemistry items! If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to discover how to make ice bombs in Minecraft Education Edition.

How to Make Ice Bombs in Minecraft Education Edition

To make ice bombs in Minecraft, you’ll have to make sure you’re playing Education Edition to access chemistry equipment! In particular, you need an Element Constructor, Compound Creator and Lab Table to create some Sodium Acetate. You’ll have to take four units of Sodium Acetate, place them into your Lab Table and combine them to make one ice bomb!

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Making Sodium Acetate in Minecraft Education Edition

The formula for creating Sodium Acetate is C2H3NaO2. The letters represent the element, while the numbers represent how many you need. In short, you’ll need the following:

  • Carbon x2
  • Oxygen x2
  • Hydrogen x3
  • Sodium x1

Once you create these in your Element Constructor, use the Compound Creator to make some Sodium Acetate! Make sure you have four Sodium Acetate for every ice bomb you want to create, or else you won’t have enough to get the item from your lab table.

What Does the Ice Bomb Do?

After you get your hands on some Sodium Acetate and make your ice bomb, it’s time to start using it! You can throw an ice bomb on water, replacing it with a 3×3 ice square. It’s an easy way to get some ice and lets you create a path on top of oceans and rivers!

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