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How to Make Baked Carp in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Carpe diem.

by Nikola L
baked carp recipe disney dreamlight valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley may be in Early Access still, but that certainly didn’t stop thousands of Disney fans from flocking to the new Gameloft title, which is available to play on almost every popular platform: Windows, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. It is a combination of an adventure game and a life simulator, which should keep you engaged for a very long time. Also, there are many Disney characters, whether they are old-school or from the modern era, with each of them offering unique quests. Some tasks require you to bring them a certain dish, so that’s just one of the few purposes of cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you have made a dish that no NPC needs, you can consume it to gain a boost or you can trade it in for Star Coins.

In this guide, Prima Games will teach you how to make some delicious Baked Carp in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Recipe for Baked Carp in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to cook the Baked Carp in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will need the following ingredients, along with one piece of Coal in order to ignite the stove in the kitchen:

  • 1 x Butter (Buy it from Chez Remy)
  • 1 x Carp (Fish for it in the Forest of Valor or the Sunlit Plateau)

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