How to Make a Non-Dedicated Server in ARK: Survival Ascended

No dedication needed!

ARK Survival Ascended non-dedicated servers
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There are several server types in ARK you can create, with dedicated and non-dedicated being the main multiplayer ones hosted by players. Here’s how to make a non-dedicated server in ARK: Survival Ascended so you can start playing with friends.

How to Start a Non-Dedicated Server in ARK: Survival Ascended

To start a non-dedicated server in ARK: Survival Ascended, head into the create game menu, select non-dedicated, and enter your server info. Your server info includes the session name you’ll use to identify the server and a password to enter the game. You can also determine whether it’s a private or public lobby in this menu.

Once you accept your choices, you’ll spawn into a new world, letting you and your friends join as long as the host is online.

In the create game menu, you can also use game rules and advanced settings to determine your PvE, PvP, and difficulty settings, among other features such as XP multipliers and player-specific settings. In particular, under game rules, you can tweak settings such as Use Singleplayer Settings, Disable Friendly Fire, and Show Creative Mode.

What Is the Difference Between Dedicated and Non-dedicated Ark Servers?

Non-dedicated ARK: Survival Ascended servers are player-hosted and primarily used for friend groups or small parties. They take fewer resources to run and don’t require much setup, but they also require someone online to host it; if that person leaves, the server closes.

Dedicated servers, on the other hand, can handle a larger player count and will run at all times. However, it requires using an official server, paid hosting, or extensive pre-launch setup, depending on your preferences.

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