How to Lean While Aiming in Starfield

Take your fights slowly, and tactically.

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Starfield has made some serious strides in improving its combat flow over previous Bethesda games. The combat flow in a game like Fallout 4 is pretty decent on its own, but Starfield’s combat seems to take it a step further with smaller tweaks like combat sliding to help keep things fluid and modernized. One such mechanic isn’t explicitly stated, so you might not know about it. Here’s how to lean while aiming in Starfield.

How to Peek Out of Cover While Aiming in Starfield

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To lean while aiming in Starfield, get behind the piece of cover that you wish to lean out from and ensure you’re staring at that cover, but are adjacent to where you want to lean from. Then, aim down sights with your weapon to peek out from that corner and lean against the wall. This can be done either when leaning out from behind cover from the side but can also be done when behind something and wanting to peek over the wall.

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Unfortunately, this also means that you can’t lean without being behind cover like in other games. Normally you’d press two buttons to lean on either side, or in the case of a game like Call of Duty, can lean while attached to the wall somewhat. Starfield takes a more streamlined approach with its combat, though given the number of buttons needed to do everything in the game, it makes sense that it’s so simple.

Why Should I Lean Out From Cover While Aiming?

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As for the benefit of doing this, leaning while aiming allows you to pepper your enemy with bullets from a safe place. It’s much harder for enemies to hit you like this, and you can let go of aiming to be safely behind cover if you need to heal or something like that. It can be helpful for some early, safe damage on your foes.

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