How to Increase Strafing Speed in MW3

Side to side, y'all.

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How you move around in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is just as important as the gun you choose. Players will be able to strafe even with the largest sniper rifle or LMG with the right attachments and a few key items. Here’s how to increase your strafing speed in MW2.

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How to Have More Strafing Speed in MW3

There are a few options that can help increase strafing speed in the game, but you will have to create a custom class to fully take advantage of it. The easiest option is to equip the Stalker Boots under the Boots tab. This will increase strafe and ADS movement speed.

There are a few other wearable items that can indirectly help with strafing. The Marksman Gloves will reduce sway and flinch while ADS, while the Tac Mask gear will reduce the strength of flash, stun, and gas grenades when hit.

Weapon attachments can also help with strafing, but only a few key Pros are worth it. Players should look for attachments that increase Aim Walking Speed, Aim Walking Steadiness, and Movement Speed. Players can usually find these attributes in stocks, rear grips, and underbarrels.

What is Strafing in MW3?

Strafing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is the act when players move side to side, usually while holding down the trigger or aiming down the sights (ADS). Players can do this by simply moving the left control stick in the left and right directions on controller, or the A and D keys on keyboard by default.

Strafing can throw off the aim of an enemy when looking directly straight forward. While it may not seem like much, just a little wiggle can save players from a death as the enemy stands perfectly stationary trying to shoot you.

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