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How to Hire a Scout, Heavy, Supply, and Medic Specialist in Fortnite

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Hiring an NPC to help you in your match is nothing new to Fortnite, but in the latest Chapter 4 Season 2 update, some of them have become Specialists. Along with the addition, one of the Weekly Quests tasks players with hiring a Scout, Heavy, Supply, and Medic Specialist.

These NPCs will work the same way that they used to as characters that can sell items or be hired. The difference is that these designated NPCs will play different roles when you pay them, such as healing you with splash rather than fighting. To help you check this quest off the list, we’ll go over where you can hire these characters.

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Eight characters were added to the map in the 24.10 Update, but four of them are needed for this quest. Initially, these new Specialists were referred to by their role and the quest later changed to reflect the name of the NPC as well. We’ll refer to the class to stay on track with the initial objective title. You can fund all of the NPC locations below.

Specialist Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2:

  • Scout: Cold Cavern landmark northwest of Brutal Bastion – 250 gold bars to hire
  • Heavy: Center of Steamy Springs – 200 gold bars to hire
  • Supply: Docks of Breakwater Bay – 200 gold bars to hire
  • Medic: Crusty Crate landmark southeast of Lonely Labs – 250 gold bars to hire

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When you get close to any of these NPCs, you’ll see the usual logo which is a head containing a small plus sign. You can hire them like you would any other characters in the past, only this time your gold bars will be much more worthwhile. On top of some extra muscle, you’ll be able to check this Weekly Quest off the list in Fortnite.

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