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How to Help Zygg in the Swamp in Jedi Survivor

Recruit Wini along the way.

Rumors serve as the main version of side quests in Jedi Survivor, and one of the later rumors asks Cal Kestis to help Zygg in the Swamp. Otherwise known as the Viscid Bog, this area is full of hazards and you’ll need some extra Force abilities to even complete this rumor.

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Wini is the character that really needs help, and Zygg is just another character from earlier in Jedi Survivor that also happens to be near the Lucrehulk. I struggled to find the solution to help Zygg in the swamp at first, but in the end, it turned out to be much simpler than I thought. Here’s how to help Zygg in the Swamp in Jedi Survivor.

Jedi Survivor – How to Help Zygg in the Swamp

When you find Wini and Zygg in the Viscid Bog, they’ll be standing inside of a small hut in the center of the hazardous swamp. If you walk outside the hut and then head to the left side, you’ll find a Meditation Point up on a much higher ledge. Below the ledge, there is a platform that is highlighted and can be Force Lifted out of the swamp. To lift the pillar, Cal has to have the ability learned, which is part of the Jedi Survivor story mission in the Lucrehulk.

Looking at the pillar, simply Force Lift and then jump across to the section with climbable metal. The pillar will start slowly sinking, so make sure to get to the top as fast as possible. Once you’re up there, don’t jump over to the Meditation Point. Instead, turn around and look at the pillar just above you on the same small island as the hut.

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Jump over to this pillar in Jedi Survivor and you’ll see a datapad glowing blue on the ground that BD-1 can scan. Quickly complete the scan and head back down to Zygg and Wini in the swamp. Give them the bad news and now Wini will join you at Pyloon’s Saloon while the rumor will be complete.

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