How to Go to Venus in Starfield

Time for a stealth mission.

How to Go to Venus in Starfield

So far in Starfield’s story, we’ve met several members of Constellation, including Sarah Morgan, who we’re accompanying to locate Vanguard Moara and his Artifact. After speaking to one of her contacts, we learn that Moara was last seen patrolling around Venus in the Sol System. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to go to Venus during the “The Old Neighborhood” mission in Starfield.

How to Go to Venus in Starfield – The Old Neighborhood Guide

To go to Venus in Starfield, go into your quest log, hover over the mission objective, and set your course for the planet. Travel there to find a cluster of Va’ruun Zealots you can either stealthily avoid or fight. You’ll also find a UC satellite beacon, where you must fly your ship to progress through the mission.

Reaching the UC Satellite Beacon

You have two options for reaching the UC Satellite Beacon:

  • Destroy the Va’ruun Zealot ships before flying toward the beacon.
  • Carefully fly past the ships without notifying them of your presence.

It’s entirely your choice which route you go. However, there is an easy way to get there without any combat: Minimal ship power.

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What is Minimal Ship System Power in Starfield?

To reach minimal ship power in Starfield, assign your ship’s power so that your lasers, missiles, and shields are reduced to zero. Here, you must also reduce your engine so there are only two points in the engine. After all, even though we want to go slow, you’ll still have to move.

Starfield Minimal Ship Power
Screenshot by Prima Games (click to enlarge)

After reducing your ship’s power, move toward the UC Satellite Beacon at around 35 speed. Although it is slow and will take a couple of minutes to reach the objective, this is the sacrifice we must make for stealth. You can even go slower if you want to be extra careful, but I went at 35 speed without any issues.

Once you are 500 meters away, activate the beacon to hear more about the situation, prompting you to head to your next destination: the Nova Galactic Staryard.

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