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How to Get Zarude in Pokemon GO

Will this rogue monkey ever return?

by Daphne Fama

Zarude might be one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Fortunately, it doesn’t rank up there with Armored Mewtwo or the Cloned Pokemon, but it’s likely we won’t see another in a long time. Here’s how to get Zarude in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Zarude in Pokemon GO

Zarude, the Dark- and Grass-Type Monkey Pokemon, debuted in Pokemon Sword and Shield as part of an event. And its tendency to appear only rarely has continued all the way into Pokemon GO.

This elusive and Mythical Pokemon was first released over a year ago on October 1 as part of an event promotion for Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. During that event, trainers could complete a Special Research Event in order to get Zarude for themselves.

If you weren’t lucky enough to take part in that event or just happened to get a Zarude with low stats, you might be wondering if there’s a chance that Zarude will make a triumphant return. The answer is maybe.

Unlike Armored Mewtwo and the Clone Pokemon, which were also released for event or movie promotions, Zarude is just a Mythical Pokemon. And that means there’s a chance that Zarude can return. After all, we’ve seen the Mythical Jiarchi and Meltan return to Pokemon GO in recent events.

If Zarude does return, it’s absolutely a Pokemon you should try to get. Zarude is extremely powerful in the Master League and is perhaps the best non-Mega, non-Shadow Grass-type attacker around. In Master League, Zarude is an effective counter to Excadrill, Rhyperior, Landorus Incarnate Forme, and Kyogre, even when at a Shield disadvantage.

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If you do manage to get a Zarude of your own, here are the best moves for it:

Fast Moves

  • Vine Whip
  • Bite

Charge Moves

  • Dark Pulse
  • Power Whip

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