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How to Get Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

Time to farm.

Unsullied Hearts are useful items needed to craft Blood Essence and Greater Blood Essence, which are required materials for crafting the Castle Heart and Servant Coffin constructs. Here’s where to find Unsullied Hearts, how to farm them efficiently, and what you’ll need them for in V Rising.

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Where to Obtain Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

Unsullied Hearts are items that randomly drop from high-level enemies, especially V Blood bosses. You can find these item drops when facing enemies level 30 and higher, but due to the rarity of this material, not every monster or human warrior will drop an Unsullied Heart. You’ll have more success fighting V Blood bosses like Lidia the Chaos Archer since these enemies usually drop Unsullied Hearts.

Best Way to Farm Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

Most of the enemies in Farbane Woods are around level 10 to 20+, so you won’t really find a lot of Unsullied Hearts by killing enemies in bandit camps or settlements. It’s recommended to hunt enemies around Dunley Farmlands since they’re usually level 30 and higher and you’ll find more success with item drops there.

If you’re too under-leveled, you can always just fight some of the V Blood bosses in Farbane Woods like Goreswine the Ravager, Grayson the Armorer, Clive the Firestarter, or Lidia the Chaos Archer. Try using the Blood Moon nights to your advantage too, since these special events provide helpful stats that can make fights a lot easier.

Best Way to Use Unsullied Hearts in V Rising

Unsullied Hearts carry various uses, but they’re mostly used to craft Greater Blood Essence for multiple different recipes. From Servant Coffins to Artisan Tables to Castle Heart Upgrades to Merciless Iron equipment, Greater Blood Essence is needed across most of the lower to mid-level recipes in V Rising.

If you’re starting your journey, it’s highly recommended to only use Unsullied Hearts for crafting Greater Blood Essence. While converting it into normal Blood Essence might be tempting, it’s not worth losing such valuable material. Unsullied Hearts are put to much greater use when crafting constructs and weapons via Greater Blood Essence.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out and start farming! That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Unsullied Hearts in V Rising. For more tips and tricks, check out How to Relocate Castles in V Rising.

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