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How to Get the Prime Gaming Skin in Overwatch 2

Making a splash into your inventory.

by Shawn Robinson
Overwatch 2 Waveracer Dva

Overwatch 2 skins are easily the best collectibles you can get, even if they can cost a pretty penny at times. The battle pass skins are quite cheap and only ask that you play the game throughout the season, though you’ll have to pay considerably more for the shop skins. Sometimes, we do get a nice bonus such as through Prime Gaming. Speaking of which, here’s how to get a free skin through Prime Gaming in Overwatch 2.

How to Get the Free Waveracer Skin in Overwatch 2

Before you can get a free skin for in Overwatch 2, you’re going to need to be subscribed to Prime Gaming. You can get a free trial for the program, though afterward you’ll need to spend $14.99 per month to keep the subscription. Thankfully, if you or someone you know is subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can link it to your Twitch account to avoid paying a dime. You’ll even get rewards in other games, alongside a free Prime subscription for your favorite Twitch streamer.

Where Do You Go to Claim the Free Skin?

As for the free skin though, you’ll want to head to the Twitch homepage and click on the little crown in the top right of the page. Then, click on “Visit the Prime Gaming Loot Page”. Scroll down until you find Overwatch 2 Waveracer Legendary Skin and click on it. Then, click Get in-game content. You will likely be asked to link your account if you haven’t already. Once that’s done, the Waveracer skin should appear in’s cosmetics through the Hero Gallery. You may need to restart Overwatch 2 if you already had it open.

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There you have it! That’s how you get a free skin with Prime Gaming. While you’re there, you should check out the other free rewards including the free Prime Gaming loot for Honkai Star Rail.

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