How to Get the Lost Momento in Destiny 2

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Festival of the Lost has returned, and Destiny 2 players will have the chance to grab a brand-new memento, the Lost Memento. This hard-to-grab item can be equipped to a singular weapon for some special effects. So, let’s dive right in. Here’s how to get the Lost Memento in Destiny 2.

How to Get the Lost Memento in Destiny 2

The Season of the Lost has no shortage of goodies to grind for from lore to weapons to titles. But the most coveted item you could grab is the Lost Memento. This unique item can be equipped to a Mars-shaped weapon to give that specific weapon some particular and exclusive flair.

But to grab it, you’ll need to complete the Twilight triumph in the Season of the Witch. This triumph was secret before the Festival of the Lost, but now we know precisely what we need to do.

  • Complete the Fallen SABER strike while wearing a Clovis mask.
  • Get 100 kills on Neomuna while wearing the Nimbus mask.
  • Get 25 finishers in a Legend Haunted Sector while wearing a Tormentor mask.

To get the Clovis Bray mask, you’ll need to insert Manifested Pages into the Book of the Forgotten. Once you’ve done this, as part of the Cryptozoologist Event, you’ll need to examine any mask you currently have. Go into “Armor Cosmetics” to find the Clovis Bray Mask.

To get the Nimbus mask, you’ll need to focus an Eerie Engram using Hocus Focusing at Eva’s event menu page in the Tower. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to go into the event card. The Nimbus mask can then be obtained from the second page of the event card menu.

To get a Tormentor Mask, you’ll need to defeat 100 Headless Ones in either normal or Legend Haunted Lost Sectors. Once you do, the Tormentor Mask will become an optional Armor Ornament beneath any mask you have in your possession.

What Does the Lost Memento in Destiny 2 Do? – Answered

Mementos are unique items because they add a little vanity flair to your weapon, so long as it’s equipped with the Memento. If a weapon won’t equip the Memento, your weapon wasn’t shaped on Mars. Only crafted weapons can have the Memento equipped.

For the 2023 Festival of the Lost Memento, you’ll get the following flairs when it’s equipped to that weapon:

  • The Twilight Keepsake shader.
  • The title “Headless Horror”.
  • A tracker for Headless One kills.

This flair will only be applied to the weapon the Lost Memento is equipped to. That means you won’t be able to use the Twilight Keepsake shader, which turns the weapon a velveteen black, on any other weapon. For that, you’ll need to farm more Lost Mementos to equip to your shaped items.

How to Farm Lost Mementos in Destiny 2

If you want Lost Mementos on your weapons, if only for that beautiful shader, you can farm them. Last Mementos drop from Eerie Engrams.

Unfortunately, Eerie Engrams drop very rarely. Their highest drop rate is associated with Legendary Haunted Lost Sectors, but I’ve had one or two drops from normal Haunted Lost Sectors as well. So, your best bet for farming out Eerie Engrams, and by extension the Lost Memento, is to wait until the Legend Haunted Lost Sector is one you and a dedicated fire team like.

Once it’s on the Lost Sector you know you’re best at, just grind through it until it changes.

Is the Last Memento in Destiny 2 Bugged? – Answered

Many guardians who have jumped through all the right hoops with all the right masks equipped have found that the Last Memento refused to drop. This was a problem on Bungie’s end, not the players. As of October 19, 2023, this should be resolved.

If the mask still does not drop, ensure that you have the proper masks equipped before starting each step.

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