How to Get The Buzzcut in Starfield

Give your enemies a buzzcut with this unique Grendel!

Starfield The Buzzcut Unique Weapon
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I’ll be the first to admit that Neon is one of the most fantastic cities in the Settled Systems. It gives the cyberpunk vibes I craved from Night City but in a more condensed location. Seriously, you have drugs stemming from fish, neon-lit shops, and a slum overflowing with gang members; it’s exciting. But do you know what’s more exciting? Giving your enemies a buzzcut with a unique Grendel! Here is how to get The Buzzcut in Starfield.

Where to Get The Buzzcut in Starfield

To get The Buzzcut in Starfield, visit Neon Tactical in Neon City, along the main causeway known as Neon Core. It’s a weapon store with a red-and-blue neon sign outside, a graffiti-covered robot, and a very unwelcoming store owner who, honestly, I cannot tell if he wants trouble or wants to avoid it. Either way, he’s got firearms.

The Buzzcut is a unique variant of the Grendel, one of the most common submachine guns across the Settled Systems. As such, it’s relatively weak from the outset.


Before you leave Neon Tactical, just a quick note: he’ll also sell you Boom Boom!

The Buzzcut Stats and Details

Starfield The Buzzcut Stats
Screenshot by Prima Games

So long as you’re not against using a Grendel, The Buzzcut is perhaps one of the best iterations of this fast-firing submachine gun. The high rate of fire, relatively high accuracy, and the availability of its ammunition make up for the low damage.

  • Weapon Type: Rifle
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 3
  • Ammunition Type: 7.77MM Caseless
  • Magazine Size: 50
  • Fire Rate: 212
  • Range: 18
  • Accuracy: 70.2%
  • Mass: 2.85
  • Value: 3990
  • Mod Slot 1: Short Barrel
  • Mod Slot 2: Laser Sight
  • Mod Slot 3: Reflex Sight
  • Mod Slot 4: Compensator
  • Mod Slot 5: Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Mod Slot 6: High Velocity
  • Rare Effect: Rapid – +25% attack speed.
  • Item ID: 0020772C

The already high rate of fire on the Grendel, when paired with the Rapid effect, makes The Buzzcut an absolute monster that drains magazines in mere seconds. If you can afford to keep firing this rifle, then do not hesitate to buy this one for the low price of just shy of 4,000 credits. It’s worth every penny in the early game.

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