How to Get Sir Livingstone’s Pistol in Starfield

Wield an iconic handgun as old as Constellation.

Starfield Sir Livingstone Pistol Location
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With many unique weapons, Starfield takes the cake for those who love firepower in their role-playing games. But getting your hands on some of these fine weapons may prove challenging. Some require a lot of credits, some require you to complete unique quests, and some need specific perks. With the latter in mind, here’s how to get Sir Livingstone’s Pistol in Starfield.

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Where to Get Sir Livingstone’s Pistol in Starfield

Starfield Kid Stuff Perk Parents
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If you want to get your hands on Sir Livingstone’s Pistol, you must plan ahead. This unique handgun requires the Kid Stuff perk, as your father will present the special variant of the Old Earth Pistol after completing the “One Small Step” main quest for Constellation.

After visiting your parents and telling them of your achievements, specifically of joining Constellation, they’ll be nothing but proud of their child. From there, wait a little bit. It turns out your father plays poker with the Dean of Engineering in New Atlantis, and this man has Sir Livingstone’s Pistol locked up in a cabinet. He has no use for it, so he hands it to dear old dad, who will then pass it down to you as a gift. He’ll visit you at the Constellation Lodge, where he hands over the unique weapon as a gift.

For those who may not know or follow the lore of Starfield, Sir Livingstone was once the head of Constellation.

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol Stats and Details in Starfield

Starfield Sir Livingstone's Pistol Stats
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While not the most potent weapon in Starfield, Sir Livingstone’s Pistol offers a few unique bonuses. Its stats are:

  • Weapon Type: Pistol
  • Damage: 28
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Ammo Type: .45 Caliber
  • Magazine: 15
  • Rate of Fire: 67
  • Mod Slots: 4
  • Mass: 1.8
  • Value: 7612
  • Item Code: 001F27F5

Like most other handguns in Starfield, Sir Livingstone’s Pistol will scale with Pistol Certification and Ballistics. If you intend to main a pistol as your primary, put a few points into both to put some stopping power behind this Old Earth Pistol.

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