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How to Get Shiny Jigglypuff in Pokemon Go

What's not to love about that vacant, adorable stare?

by Daphne Fama

Today marks the start of the Twinkling Fantasy Pokemon GO event, which is set to continue until 10 PM local time on January 16. During this time, Pokemon with a distinctly fantastical slant will be more commonly available. These Pokemon are typically either Fairy and Dragon Types, and many of them can even be shiny. If you’re curious as to all the Wild Encounters you can see during this event, check out our related link below.

But there’s one Pokemon that you’re likely very interested in: Shiny Jigglypuff. Can you catch Shiny Jigglypuff in Pokemon GO during this event? If so, how?

I’m here to help out.

How to Get Shiny Jigglypuff in Pokemon Go

Jigglypuff is one of the cutest Pokemon to have ever been made. Full stop. It’s a circle. It’s soft. It has big eyes. And if it’s shiny, those baby-blues turn the perfect shade of sea glass green. What’s not to love?

And because it’s a Fairy, as of Generation VI, it also features prominently during the Twinkling Fantasy Pokemon GO event.

You can find Jigglypuff in a number of ways. Here’s all three:

  • As a Wild Encounter. Just wander around and there’s a chance it might spawn.
  • As a Snapshot Encounter. There’s a chance it will photobomb you when you take a photo. This can only happen twice a day.
  • At One-Star Raids. Jigglypuff, Marill, Axew, and Deino are all part of One-Star Raids.

Because there are so many opportunities to encounter Jigglypuff, you have an increased chance of finding it Shiny.

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The only way to get a Shiny Jigglypuff is to encounter as many of them as possible and hope for the best. The theorized Shiny Encounter rate in Pokemon GO is 1 in 500 or a .2% chance. That means you’ll likely have to meet as many Jigglypuff as possible during the Twinkling Fantasy event if you hope to encounter a Shiny Jigglypuff.

Good luck, trainer!

Daphne Fama

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