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How to get Shade Prime Relics in Warframe – all relics and locations

by Aidan O'Brien

Shade is a Sentinel in Warframe that might look like a depressed hat, but the stealth specialist has reason to be happy as it is now available in Prime form. Shade Prime can be obtained the way all Prime gear is, via a bit of grinding to get your hands on Prime Relics. In this guide, we will show you which Shade Prime Relics you need to build the latest addition to your Sentinel lineup.

All Shade Prime Relics in Warframe

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To get the Shade Prime Relics, you need to play through an assortment of missions in Warframe. All missions in the game have their own drop tables that dictate rewards. Knowing which missions to run to get specific Relics is key, as is knowing what missions to go to for quick completions so you can make your farming as efficient as possible. First, let’s cover the Relics you need for Shade Prime:

  • Shade Prime Blueprint – Meso N14 – Uncommon
  • Shade Prime Systems – Axi B6 – Uncommon
  • Shade Prime Carapace – Lith S15 – Rare
  • Shade Prime Cerebrum – Neo N22 – Common

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Which missions to run for Shade Relic Drops in Warframe

The real secret to Prime Relic farming is knowing where to go for the best chance of getting specific Relic types. Below, you will find a list of great options for farming all four types of Relics, be they Lith, Meso, Neo, or Axi.

  • Lith Hepit in the Void. A quick capture mission that will give you Lith Relics every 60 to 90 seconds. Run them solo to ensure you don’t need to wait for teammates, and equip a speedy Warframe to maximize your efforts.
  • Meso Io on Jupiter. This defense mission makes for an easy clear if you stay central and just use a broad AoE attack to kill anything that comes your way. Banshee and Equinox make quick work of it.
  • Neo – There is an interesting mission on Eris at the Oestrus node. This Infested Salvage mission can be finished quickly in a group, making it a great spot to farm Neo Relic. Xini on Eris also has a great chance of dropping Neo Relics on the first rotation. You can also run Ukko in the Void, another capture mission with a 50% chance of dropping Neo Relics.
  • Axi Xini on Eris will drop Axi Relics on the second and third rounds. There is also an equal chance of getting ANY Axi Relic, making it a prime (no pun intended) spot for getting them.

How to build Larkspur Prime in Warframe

The good news is that building a Prime weapon is a bit different from building a prime Warframe. The Relic contains the pieces, not just blueprints, that players need to make the Shade Prime. All you need to do is gather them all, then visit the Foundry and use them with the overall Blueprint to build the Sentinel.

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