How to Get Rid of Stimulant Addiction in Starfield

Every cure for stimulant addiction in Starfield, listed

Have you been using too much AMP throughout your travels in Starfield? Although the substance is legal, overusing it can lead your created character to develop stimulant addiction, a debuff with some nasty side effects. Here is how to quickly get rid of stimulant addiction in Starfield.

Stimulant Addiction Remedies in Starfield

There are three cures to stimulant addiction in Starfield, they are as follows:

Remedy #1: Addichrone

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Addichrone is the easiest to find stimulant addiction remedy, as it can be looted or purchased throughout the game’s world. However, Addichrone does not fully cure addictions but merely suppresses addiction symptoms for ten minutes. Having some Addichrone can be good in a pinch, or if you are in the middle of exploration and don’t want to interrupt your expedition with a trek back to a civilized system.

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Remedy #2: Junk Flush

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Junk Flush is a rarer item, but has the added benefit of fully purging the body of addictions. It is most beneficial when your character is addicted to multiple substances at once. Junk flush can be acquired through exploration or by purchase at vendors (particularly medical vendors).

Remedy #3: Doctor Visit

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If you can’t seem to locate any Addichrone or Junk Flush, then your final method for curing Stimulant Addiction is to head to a medical center, such as the Reliant Medical in the Residential District of New Atlantis (as pictured above). This is the earliest available doctor to cure your addictions in Starfield.

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Head inside and you will meet a doctor, such as Alexei Lebediev. You can either purchase medical supplies from the doctor, or ask for treatment.

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If you ask the doctor to treat your addiction, you will be required to pay credits, as unfortunately, Starfield does not have universal healthcare. However, after you pay the doctor, you will leave fully cured of all addictions.

Why Should You Cure Stimulant Addiction?

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Stimulant addiction in Starfield seems like a minor inconvenience, but it has the dual negative status effect impacts of decreasing your carry capacity by 20 and reducing the oxygen recovery rate. Although these are not life-threatening debuffs, they can be annoying, forcing you to keep an eye on your oxygen meter more often, and making your character overburdened easier. However, thanks to the various cures, you won’t have to worry about these ailments any longer.

To recap, Stimulant Addiction can be cured through Addichrone, Junk Flush, or a Doctor’s visit. For more Prima guides on Starfield, check out how to find an upgraded, early game Cutter in Starfield.

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