How to Get Quick Revive Perk in MW3 Zombies

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The Quick Revive Can is a handy perk to have in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, as it reduces health regeneration delay time and reviving allies by 50 percent. Here are a few methods that players can get it in the game and craft it for any time.

How to Get Quick Revive Can in MW3 Zombies

There are a few ways to get the Quick Revive perk in the Zombies mode. The first method I found is to receive the perk can as an in-game reward for completing contracts or searching caches. This can be completely random.

The second method is to purchase it from a Perk Machine that specifically sells Quick Revive for 2,000 Essence. There will be multiple perk machines on the map, but the Quick Revive machine will be noted.

The third method involves getting a vehicle and traveling to the highway near Hadiqa Farms on the east side of the map. Sit underneath the sign with a rabbit doll on top of it facing south until hearing a creepy laugh. Race down the highway to the next sign, and a reward portal will open up with the free perk if done quick enough.

How to Craft Quick Revive Perk in MW3 Zombies

The last method is to obtain the Quick Revive Recipe by completing the Act 1 Tier 5 mission Chaperone. Here are the mission requirements:

  • Complete an Escort Contract.
  • Kill 50 Zombies during a single Escort Contract.
  • Maintain ACV’s health above 50 percent.
  • Exfil with the Quick Revive Recipe.

The recipe will allow players to craft a Quick Revive can before games, instead of tracking them down on the map. However, creating one will cause a three-hour cooldown before another can be created.

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