How to Get More Trader’s Tender in WoW

Spendies for tendies.

October’s Trading Post has been a veritable treasure trove of new cosmetic goodies, mounts, pets, and more, with an even greater variety and quantity of goods available for purchase than usual. This has players asking the obvious question: can I get more Trader’s Tender to buy all the stuff I want? I have the answer, but you probably aren’t going to like it.

How to Get 1,000 Trader’s Tender Every Month

To earn the account-wide cap of 1,000 Trader’s Tender, you need to do exactly two things:

  1. Log in and access the chest in the Trading Post for an instant 500 Tender
  2. Complete the Traveler’s Log by performing various tasks throughout the month for an additional 500 Tender

These are the only ever-present ways to earn Tender in-game, and there’s a strict cap of 1,000 Tender earned across your entire account every month (solely because progress from the Traveler’s Log is carried over between characters). If you want any more than this, your only recourse is to drop cash in the shop.

Trader’s Tender Bonuses in the Cash Shop

Currently, there’s a $25 transmog set available for purchase in the store. This is the usual price of such an arrangement, but this time, it includes 500 bonus Trader’s Tender. There’s no way to buy Tender outright, so this roundabout system of occasional “bonus” offers is the only way to get yourself over the 1,000 maximum each month. Is it worth it? If you aren’t interested in the transmog set, you’re actually buying, probably not. Think of it like a nice little goodie you get alongside your fancy new armor set.

Of course, if you don’t want to drop money but happen to have a lot of gold lying around, you can always buy WoW tokens from the Auction House, sell them to Blizzard for store credit, and buy the set (and bonus Tender) that way. Oh, look, I perfectly segued into my piece of WoW’s weird currency exchange economy.

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