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How to Get Mew in Pokemon Sword and Shield

by Ginny Woo

So, if you’ve been enjoying your time with Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you might be looking to expand the horizons of your Pokedex. Sure, the National Dex isn’t kicking around at the moment, and we’ve had to say goodbye to some beloved favorites, but never say never. Here’s how to get Mew in Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to Get Mew in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Before we crack into the actual mechanical process of getting Mew, we’re going to get one thing straight. You’re going to need the Poke Ball Plus to actually get this Pokemon, which fans might remember from when Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! hit the shelves. Yes, it’s not optional – you have to shell out some real money for this. The Poke Ball Plus retails for about $55 from Amazon if you’re not sure about whether or not you want Mew that badly. 

Once you have the Poke Ball Plus, you’re going to want to follow the steps that we’ve laid out below:

  1. Make sure that it’s connected to your Switch – plug it into the Switch dock’s USB port
  2. Launch Pokemon Sword or Shield
  3. From the Pokemon Sword or Shield menu, select Mystery Gift
  4. Select the option available that says Take a Stroll with Poke Ball Plus
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to connect your Poke Ball Plus with your copy of Sword or Shield
  6. You’ll then be notified that there’s a Pokemon in your Poke Ball Plus
  7. Pick the “Yes” option when prompted to get it and voila! It’ll be a Level 1 Mew.

As you can see, it’s really just a matter of connecting a Poke Ball Plus up to your copy of Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, or both. It doesn’t matter which version of the latest generation of games you have – the Poke Ball Plus is the key. Of course, you can use it for more things than just acquiring the adorable Mew; you can put Pokemon in it and walk them around to earn rewards. Now that you know how to get Mew in Pokemon Sword and Shield, check out some other guides that we’ve put together:

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