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How to Get Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2

by Nikola Pajtic

The landscape has changed a lot in the Rogue Legacy sequel, but the fun that this title brings is the same. It is randomly generated, creating numerous outcomes for different paths, and as a result, there is no fixed way of doing things. This has made finding the Lily of the Valley a pretty challenging task. The specific rooms might be identical, but the route to the location is different. 

To find the Lily of the Valley, you must keep a close eye out and remember the particular landmarks while on the prowl. 

Where to Get the Lily of the Valley in Rogue Legacy 2

The Lily of the Valley appears in the Kerguelen Plateau and it is a must-have item to get to the biome’s boss, Estuary Naamah. Be sure you have obtained Aether’s Wings Heirloom before going for it as you will need the Heirloom’s double jump. 


The boss is hiding in a room with a locked door, and the Lily of the Valley is the key you need to enter. Well, not an actual key, but a gift for the boss to let you in so you can slay him. 

Now, note that the Lily of the Valley comes in three parts and that you need two of those three parts. 

Lily of the Valley #1

You will need to find the vertical room with the purple question mark to get the first part. Now, propel yourself towards the spike and double jump to get the first Lily. 

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Lily of the Valley #2

The second Lily of the Valley is the easiest to get. Find a tall vertical room, and in the upper-right corner, you will spot the relic. You will just need to Spin Kick off a series of arrows fired upwards. After this, just double jump on the platform next to the Lily of the Valley. 

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Lily of the Valley #3

This is the hardest Lily to obtain. You are set against a sequence of obstacles, and you will have to jump to avoid spikes, spin kick a resonant platform, dash right across the second set of spikes, and only then jump again to reach the Lily.

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Once you have collected two relics, you will now be able to enter through the Throne Doors and face the ultimate boss. 

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