Whether it's throwing bananas at your enemies or scoring a ridiculous number of points in a match with one of the Koopalings, there's really something for everyone in the new Tokyo Tour challenges that have been patched into Mario Kart Tour. While most of the proceedings are fun for the whole family, this one might be a little too electrifying for the kids: check out our guide on how to get lightning in Mario Kart Tour so that you can complete the challenge that requires you to use it three times.

How to Get Lightning in Mario Kart Tour: Using Lightning Three Times

One good thing to note about this new challenge that the Tokyo Tour has brought is that, just like the challenge that requires you to use a Giant Banana three times, you don't have to complete it all during the course of one race. 

If you haven't ever used a Lightning before, that's fine. However, it's almost a given that you've probably been skewered by an untimely bolt from the heavens at some point or another. Probably when the going was getting good, too. Well, that's basically how the item is meant to function. It hits your enemies who have pulled ahead so that you can make a weather-assisted comeback and (hopefully) thrash the competition. If you're really lagging behind in the game, then you're more likely to get it, so those with stellar racing report cards might have to sandbag quite a lot for that to happen.

Our tip for this would be to make sure that you're dragging behind most of your compatriots. When a fateful item box pops, the chances that it will hold a Lightning are increased if you're nowhere near competitive in performance. Essentially, once you pick it up, spear one of your enemies with it and speed away, cackling. Well, the cackling is optional, but just do this three times before the time runs out to finish the Lightning challenge (a fortnight, by our estimation) and you'll be sorted. 

Now that you've got an idea of how to get lightning in Mario Kart Tour and how to use it, knocking out this Tokyo Tour challenge should take no time at all (even though trying to come dead last is a bit of a pain). Need help with anything else related to Mario Kart Tour? Check out our handy guides hub for more Tokyo Tour information.