How to Get Kills with Snowballs in MW3

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Snowball Throw MW3
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One of the challenges in the Modern Warfare 3 Santa’s Slayground event calls for players to get kills with Snowballs. The good news is that you can get this done in any of the three main modes and this guide will outline how.

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MW3 and Warzone – How to Get Kills with Snowballs

You can get kills with Snowballs by looting a Snowball Cache in Urzikstan or by playing the Snowfight mode in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer. All three of the major modes will have their own versions of how you can collect snowballs. I chose to earn some zombie eliminations in MWZ, but in my experience, the Snowfight mode is the easiest for the event.

In Snowfight, two teams spawn in Shipment with a Christmas theme. Just like Search and Destroy, you need to win six rounds for a victory, and everyone has one life per round. If you keep picking up piles of snowballs on the ground, you can easily reach at least six eliminations per match, and they only last around five minutes. Within no time, the challenge is done.

For modes like Warzone and MW3 Zombies, you need to search Snowball Caches or hope that they appear in crates. Because they act as lethal equipment, you can also resupply your snowballs with a Munitions Box or one of the many ammo containers around Urzikstan. And if you’re having trouble finding a cache, just look for a snowflake symbol on the map.

Out of all three modes, Warzone will be the most difficult for this challenge. The Warzone version requires 15 Operator kills with snowballs, which is far more difficult than the other too. But Warzone is free, so there are plenty of players who only have this option. In that case, stick to a mode like Plunder for easy eliminations.

If you’re just jumping into Warzone, make sure you have the best perks to stay competitive.

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