How to Get Into The Lock in Starfield

This prison's gonna need a special key to access.

Starfield The Lock
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With Starfield, most of the universe is available to explore the moment you finish with the tutorial. You have plenty of planets and star systems to explore, so you shouldn’t get bored. With that being said, there are a few places you aren’t able to reach due to main story requirements or different mission progress sections. One such area comes up during one of the Crimson Fleet missions. Here’s how to get into The Lock in Starfield.

How to Access The Lock in Starfield

Starfield The Lock Landing Zone
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To access The Lock in Starfield, you’ll first need to complete both the missions Deep Cover and Rook Meets King. These missions grant you access to the Crimson Fleet and its base aboard The Key. From there, you’ll receive a mission named Echoes of the Past. The Crimson Fleet is looking for a fortune known as Kryx’s Legacy, which is prophesized to transform the fleet in unimaginable ways. To do so though, both you and Crimson Fleet leader Delgado must figure out where and what Kryx’s Legacy is. To do so, you’ll need to head to The Lock down on the planet of Suvorov, adjacent to the key.

Starfield The Lock Entryway
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Once you’re on the planet, make your way through the nearby ice path toward the exterior of The Key, marked by its yellow buildings. You’ll encounter a lot of enemies as you make your way through the base, but you’re looking for a yellow structure that appears much larger than any other part of the base. This is where the entrance is located. However, you can’t open the door yourself. You’ll need Delgado to interact with the ID card reader next to it. Once he’s done so, you’re free to enter and begin exploring.

Is There Anything Worth Finding in The Lock?

Starfield The Lock Interior
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Other than points of interest relating to the Echoes of the Past mission, there isn’t anything exciting to find in The Lock. Most of it is beautiful if you want a good place to abuse the Photo Mode, but you won’t find any loot that’s worth checking out.

Thankfully, if you remember there was a place you never checked, Echoes of the Past isn’t the only time you can visit The Lock. After finishing the mission, you’re free to head down to the planet at any time and go have a look around. You’ll even find that some of the enemies have respawned, in case you want the extra XP.

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