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How to Get Infinite Ammo in Dead Space Remake

Isaac Clarke, ex-engineer, now arms dealer.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Necromorph Fight

Dead Space Remake doesn’t shy away from ensuring you feel like you have no ammo at any given moment. In a survival horror game, you should never have too much ammo or else you’ll feel unstoppable, thus taking away any sense of horror. For some though, you may want to get a ton more ammo just so you can unload on a particular necromorph type that’s been pissing you off. Here’s how to get infinite ammo in Dead Space Remake.

How to Make Infinite Ammo in Dead Space Remake

This trick is an adaptation of I Lap the Flash’s infinite money glitch, which can also yield infinite ammo if you play your cards right. To do this glitch, you’ll need either your Pulse Rifle or Line Gun, 5000 credits, and seven nodes. To start, head over to the nearest bench and use all of your ammo in your weapon of choice to create alternate fire mines on the floor. Once done, press space while aiming on all these mines to drop the ammo used but don’t pick them up. Once you have a nice pile of ammo on the ground and no ammo in your inventory, interact with the Bench and purchase one Capacity upgrade. This will reload the weapon, so you’ll want to use the ammo you just got to place more mines and drop more ammo.

Repeatedly purchase a Capacity upgrade and unload your ammo until you’re out of Capacity upgrades, then pay the 5000 credits to reset the nodes used on the weapon. You can then repeat this for every 5000 credits you have but when you’re done, get a full clip in your weapon then head to the nearest shop. Then, sell enough ammo to reimburse the credits you spent. The remaining ammo is yours to keep.

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While this only works for the two weapons, you can adapt this glitch even further to sell the remaining ammo and purchase more ammo for other weapons. Provided you just keep repeating the steps in this glitch, you’ll soon be raining in money.

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