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How to Get Golden Cocoon in FFXIV Update 6.1

Harvest Cocoon

by Jesse Vitelli

There are a lot of materials in Final Fantasy XIV that players will need to get for a plethora of different reasons. Depending on your Disciple of the Land, you’ll be able to harvest some of these materials at higher levels, but it’s a commitment. Here’s how to get the Golden Cocoon in FFXIV update 6.1

How to Get Golden Cocoon in FFXIV Update 6.1

In order to even see the resource nodes for harvesting the Golden Cocoon, you’ll need a specific Tome that can be purchased in Radz-At-Han. Head over to the Splenderos Vendor (X:11.4, Y:9.2) and pick up the Tome of Botanical Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty.

To purchase this item, you’ll need 16 Regional Folklore Trader’s Token C, obtained by trading in White Gathering Scrips.

Once you have the Tome, you’ll need to make sure your Botanist job is at level 90. A required perception of 2,990 will allow you to find the Golden Cocoon once you’ve harvested the node. The location of the resource node holding the Golden Cocoon is in Thavnir at (X:25.4, Y:21.8).

This node spawns once every 35 minutes, so you’ll get two chances every hour. The Golden Cocoon sells for a high price on the Market Board because it’s used in some high-level crafting recipes. If you don’t plan on using it to craft, be sure to sell it for a pretty penny.

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