How to Get Frostburn Gloves in Diablo 4

Freeze baby, freeze!

Diablo 4 Freeze Enemies
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If you’re just now making it to World Tier 3 in Diablo 4, then it’s time for you to start farming for Unique gear. While legendaries offer the benefit of having multiple Aspects, the exclusive Aspects on Unique pieces of gear can be insanely valuable. Finding them though can be the more challenging part, especially if you want a specific one. Here’s how to get the Frostburn Unique Gloves in Diablo 4.

Where to Find the Frostburn Gloves in Diablo 4

The Frostburn Gloves, like almost every other Unique piece of gear in Diablo 4, can be found as a random drop. The random drops include killing enemies, opening chests, and even breaking breakables found throughout the map. Why the enemies decided to hide such powerful gear in bits of wood debris is beyond me. Regardless, if you want to farm Uniques to try and snag these gloves, your best bet is farming dungeons and world events like World Bosses. With some patience and persistence, the gloves should be yours.

What Do the Frostburn Gloves Do?

The Frostburn Gloves come with innate stat boosts to Critical Strike Chance, Cold Damage, Freeze Duration, and a chance to restore Primary Resource on Lucky Hit. The big boost though comes from another Lucky Hit benefit. On Lucky Hit, you have a 15-25% chance to Freeze surrounding enemies for two seconds. This can be equipped for any class, so you can either reinforce Cold Damage on something like a Sorceror or introduce Cold Damage to some of the other classes.

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If you were to ask me, I’d say you should use the Frostburn Gloves for a Sorc build more than anything else. Seeing as the gloves offer boosts to Cold Damage and Freeze Duration, running an Ice-based Sorceror build will see the most benefit for these gloves. Introducing Cold Damage to other characters can be nice, but feels like an odd thing to tack onto them when you can work on their strengths instead.

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