How to Get Essence Table in LEGO Fortnite

It does lack a bit of essence, to be honest

Lego Fortnite Essence Table Featured

If you want to get the most powerful and useful of all weapons in LEGO Fortnite, you’ll have to run the extra mile for the resources to craft them. But they won’t reach their peak until you bring them to an equally hard-to-get Essence Table.

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Where to Get the Essence Table in Lego Fortnite

The Essence Table can be found in the Utility tab of the Craft menu under the Stations section. It requires 20 Flexwood and 6 Cut Amber, which are all somewhat hard-to-get items that you can’t simply come across in the first minutes after making a new world. Unless you’re playing in Sandbox, of course, but you could just get the complete table at once if that was the case.

Flexwood is obtained by gathering it from Cactus found in the Dry Valley biomes which are mostly deserts, but only if you’re using a Rare or higher Forest Axe to cut it down. And you’ll also need some Cut Amber beforehand to make said Axes, so they’re your most important objective here as you can’t complete the Table without them.

Once you gather all you need, build your new Essence Table and bring your weapons to it to start adding new special effects to them, such as increasing their damage, durability, or adding some other special perks. Note that you also need to have the correct materials in your inventory to craft the Essences that will be added to your weapon, so that’s some extra exploration to do.

Weapons have a limited amount of Essences that can be added to them, but a single one will turn it into a way more powerful version than it was before, so it’s worth the effort. Unlike spending hours searching for the perfect car parts and losing it within a minute because you drove it into the river by accident.

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