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How to Get Drum in MW3 Zombies

Back to the rift.

The Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has added another Dark Aether Rift for players to tackle endgame challenges and earn new rewards. The rift requires a separate set of four relics to unlock it, so here is how to get the Drum in MW3 Zombies.

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How to Unlock Drum in MW3 Zombies

The Drum relic can be received by completing the Act 4 Story Mission Countermeasures. The Zombies mission was added with the Season 2 Reloaded update.

Countermeasures has the same objectives as the previous Act 4 mission, Bad Signal, where players enter the Dark Aether, complete some tasks, fight a boss, and then leave the rift. However, the extraction for Countermeasures is located in the northern section of the tier 3 red zone.

The mission is fairly straightforward and has tier 2 enemies, so players do not have to be completely kitted out to tackle the mission. Players will investigate an area nearby, and then escort the ACV around the environment.

It will stop occasionally for players to fight other threats like Mimics in the path, or tackle a mall that has become an infested stronghold. The mall can be cleared by shooting 15 glowing cysts around the environment. You will need a gas mask for the mall and there should be an ammo resupply nearby to replenish it if low.

The escort ends at a field with a stage set up, and players will fight the zombified soldier Krawvir with a giant health bar. Be sure to keep your distance or be continually shocked by his aura. Having teammates is key to pulling him away in different directions.

Keep circling around and shooting him until he’s dead, and his Reward Rift will contain the Drum. A small rift will appear on the stage, and players can then exit the area safely.

How to Upgrade Drum in MW3 Zombies

Luckily, the Drum does not need to be upgraded to its full potential as a key to the Dark Aether Rift. It is already of gold rarity once received and cannot be upgraded. The other three relics will need to be upgraded in various methods.

Simply visit the black swirling tornado at the northern Dark Aether Rift, and place the Drum on the pedestal bearing its symbol. You will need all four upgraded relics to unlock the rift, so do not place it until you have all four at once.

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