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How to Get Boom Boom in Starfield

Let Boom Boom take care of you!

Do you enjoy using shotguns in video games? They’re satisfying, right? But in Starfield, nothing quite compares to the power and explosive nature of Boom Boom. It’s a unique shotgun that deals a ton of close-range damage and randomly launches explosive rounds. Suffice it to say, you want to be careful clearing POIs with this weapon. Here is how to get Boom Boom in Starfield.

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Where to Get Boom Boom in Starfield

To get Boom Boom in Starfield, you must jump to Neon, walk down Neon Core, and visit Neon Tactical to buy this unique shotgun. The vendor here, while a bit salty and gruff, will happily take your nearly 20,000 credits for this weapon.

Surprisingly, you can buy Boom Boom in Starfield. While every unique weapon has effects to alter its playstyle and boons, Explosive seems exceedingly rare. I’ve only discovered a small handful in my various playthroughs, and Boom Boom takes the cake as the best one.

Boom Boom Stats and Details

When looking over the various stats of Boom Boom, you’ll note quite a few negatives. It has poor range, a slow rate of fire, and quite terrible accuracy. But hey, this is a shotgun designed for in-your-face combat encounters. With its damage, unique effect, and pre-installed mods, Boom Boom will quickly replace any Old Earth Shotgun you’re still rocking.

  • Weapon Type: Shotgun
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Damage: 50
  • Ammunition Type: Caseless Shotgun Shell
  • Magazine Size: 20
  • Fire Rate: 60
  • Range: 25
  • Accuracy: 43.3%
  • Mass: 3.75
  • Value: 18113
  • Mod Slot 1: Laser Sight
  • Mod Slot 2: Large Magazine
  • Mod Slot 3: High Velocity
  • Rare Effect: Explosive – Randomly launches explosive rounds.
  • Item ID: 002E0735

Yeah, explosive rounds. Do I need to say anymore? Boom Boom lives up to its name and provides you with a bit of kick that, despite being a shotgun designed for close-range encounters, you may want to reconsider in a tight hallway.

If you need something with a bit more range and a faster firing rate, we recommend working through the main story to obtain Unrestrained Vengeance.

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