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How to Get Biotic Filters in Warframe

Filter out all the needless fish with our guide!

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Biotic Filter

For a game that doesn’t necessarily “focus” on its open-world segments, there’s a ton of depth to the game’s currently three open-world sections. There’s a ton to do in the Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis, and Cambion Drift with a ton of mastery in it for those who like 100% completing the games they play. One resource can be obtained from the Cambion Drift, though how you get it is surprisingly complex. Here’s how to get Biotic Filters in Warframe.

Where to Find Biotic Filters in Warframe

Biotic Filters can be earned by filleting certain fish on Deimos, though how you find these fish is the truly complicated part. You’ll either need to fillet Aquapulmo or Duroid, with both having completely different ways of spawning.

For Aquapulmo, you’ll need to head to surface rivers and find a hotspot (marked with a blueish-green glow on the fluid itself). It’ll also need to be the Vome rotation, so you may be forced to wait if Fass is the leading creature at the time. You’ll also need Processed Fass Residue, which can be purchased at the Entrati rank of Associate for 300 standing. Once you have some, throw it into the hotspot and wait for Aquapulmo to spawn. Then, stab it with your spear, bring it to Daughter in the Necralisk, and cut it.

As for Duroid, this fish is a little easier to find. You’ll want to head into the caves adjacent to the Catabolic Gutter on the map and find the fluid within the cave. Look for a hotspot, then throw your Vome Residue into it (the blue bait). This can be done whether it’s Fass or Vome’s rotation, and will hopefully yield a few Duroid.

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Once you’ve cut either of these fish at Daughter and gotten some Biotic Filters, there are a few things you can put it towards. The recipes requiring Biotic Filters are as follows:

  • Bonewidow Capsule (Need 20)
  • Chiten Mutagen (Need 12)
  • Elsa Mutagen (Need 12)
  • Voidrig Engine (Need 1)
  • Voidrig Weapon Pod (Need 3)

Biotic Filters may just be one item in a long list of items you’ll need to progress in Warframe, but they’re an important one nonetheless. While you’re on Deimos, be sure to check out our guide on how to get Xenorhast.

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