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How to Get Annihilape in Pokemon GO

He's gonna Annihilape you.

If you thought Primeape was an angry monkey than you’re in for a world of hurt when you encounter Annihilape, a dual Fighting/Ghost type hellbent on revenge. Introduced in Generation IX, you can now obtain Annihilape in Pokemon GO, and here is exactly how to do it.

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How to Evolve Primeape into Annihilape in Pokemon GO

Annihilape is the third and final evolution in the Mankey line. To obtain it in Pokemon GO, you must first evolve a Mankey into Primeape, which requires 50 Mankey Candy. Once you have your Primeape, you must make it your Buddy Pokemon and defeat 30 Ghost or Psychic Pokemon.


Annihilape will go live on Pokemon GO on January 19, 2024, during the Raging Battles event.

How to Make Primeape Your Buddy Pokemon in Pokemon GO

You must make Primeape your Buddy Pokemon if you want to evolve it into an Annihilape. To do this, complete the following steps.

  • Click on your avatar on the bottom left of the main Pokemon GO screen.
  • Click to the ME tab on the top left of the screen.
  • Click on either your current Pokemon Buddy, or Buddy History.
  • Click Swap Buddy and choose Primeape.

How to Evolve Primeape in Pokemon GO

Now that you have Primeape as your Buddy in Pokemon GO, you are well on your way to evolving it into an Annihilape. With Primeape as your Buddy Pokemon, simply defeat Ghost or Psychic-type Pokemon in battles.

What Battles Count to Evolve Primeape in Pokemon GO

With no mention of a specific kind of battle requirement for evolving Primeape into Annihilape, you should be free to participate in any battle, as long as the opponent Pokemon is either a Ghost or Psychic type.

This means you can participate in Rocket battles, Gym battles, League battles, battles against other trainers, and even the Team Leader trainers. The only requirement is that Primeape remains your Buddy as you take down the Ghost and Psychic Pokemon.

Annihilape is another new addition to Pokemon GO, and it’s great to see that it has an obtainable in-game way to evolve. Speaking of evolutions, as of the Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh, trainers will be able to catch Origin Forme Palkia and Dialga, which offer some new in-game features, too!

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