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How to Get Additional Cocoons in Fashion Dreamer

Go for fashion gold!

Cocoons provide more than just a new backdrop for your fashion influencer journey. Below you’ll find information on Cocoons and how to unlock them in Fashion Dreamer.

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How can you get new Cocoons in Fashion Dreamer?

You will unlock additional Cocoons in Fashion Dreamer as your influencer rank increases. Your influencer rank increases as you gain more followers.

All Cocoons and When to Unlock them in Fashion Dreamer

The following table shows each Cocoon, the influencer rank you unlock it at, and the associated follower count for reach rank.

Cocoon nameInfluencer rankFollower count
Cocoon HOPEDefault0
Cocoon ACTSilver500
Cocoon FUNGold3,000
Cocoon LOVEPlatinum10,000

There is no new Cocoon to unlock at Diamond rank (100,000 followers).

How to Increase Your Follower Count in Fashion Dreamer

The actions that increase your follower count in Fashion Dreamer include:

  • Making Lookits (new outfits) for NPC Muses
  • Taking Drone Camera photos
  • Taking Photo Egg photos
  • Updating your Showroom

Also remember to pin new posts (by pressing the right stick on them) in your Eve Log every so often to gain a small additional increase to your likes and follows.

How to Change Cocoons

You can select the Cocoon you start playing in when you select either Online or Solo-Play mode from the game’s title screen. If you want to change the Cocoon you’re in after you’ve started playing, you just need to do the following steps:

  • Click the right stick to enter the Map Guide
  • Press X to access your Cocoons
  • Use left and right on the left stick or D Pad to scroll through all the Cocoons you have
  • Press A to enter the Cocoon of your choice

What are the Differences Between Cocoons

The differences between Cocoons, besides their visual style, include:

  • Different photo frames in the Photo Egg
  • Different available clothing patterns in the Gacha Machine
  • Different Muse Advisors with different touch-up styles

Muse NPCs can visit the different Cocoons at random, so you can visit any Cocoon if there’s a particular Muse NPC you’re looking for.

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