How to Get a Large Wyvern Gem in Monster Hunter World (MHW)

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Large Wyvern Gem MHW
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When you reach the Master Rank level of Monster Hunter World, there are all kinds of resources you need to farm if you want new gear, and the Large Wyvern Gem is one of them. This guide will outline how you can get some gems for your upgrades in the future.

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Where to Get a Large Wyvern Gem in MHW

You can earn a Large Wyven Gem by killing specific monsters in Master Rank Investigations such as the Tobi Kadachi, Banbaro, and Diablos. In total, there are 13 different monsters that have a chance to drop the gem as a rare reward. Hunting each one of them in an Investigation is easily the best way to farm the material you want but it’s not the only way.

Simply carving material from one of the 13 monsters or having your Palico use a Plunderblade will give you a minuscule chance to find the gem you want. When you run an Investigation with gold rewards though, you can still carve and your chances of getting the Large Wyvern Gem in a reward slot are much higher.

Monsters That Drop Large Wyvern Gems in MHW:

  • Tobi-Kadachi
  • Viper Tobi-Kadachi
  • Diablos
  • Black Diablos
  • Barioth
  • Lavasioth
  • Jyuratodus
  • Banbaro
  • Radobaan
  • Barroth
  • Beotodus
  • Paolumu
  • Nightshade Paolumu

If you don’t want to run a ton of Investigations or you don’t have any of the specific monsters you want in them, then you can run some Master Rank quests as well. Some of the best quests for a high gem rate are “A Nasty Flesh Wound”, “Put That Red Cup Away”, and “Proud White Knight.” The end rewards will always have a chance to drop the gem.

Getting some of these Wyvern Gems is really just the start of your Smithy journey in Iceborne or the base story of Monster Hunter World. Make sure you farm some Firecell Stone along the way to keep your stash healthy.

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