How to Get a Gold Medal on the Narrow Praxis Challenge in Rogue Legacy 2

No tricks, just tips

Just for our readership, I took the time to challenge the Narrow Praxis challenge in Rogue Legacy 2. This is a challenge that locks you to playing as a Ranger with its most basic stats and abilities. You have to hit a series of targets as they appear, and you have to do that as quickly an accurately as you can. To get a gold medal for the Narrow Praxis Scar, you have to be almost perfect, although there is a tiny sliver of breathing room. Either way, my wrist hurts but I have that authentic guide content ready to roll.

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So, to even get a medal at all in Narrow Praxis you have to clear the challenge in less than 35 seconds. My first try was over two minutes, but I also play PC games with a controller. What’s your excuse? But that’s part of the strategy here; the targets don’t move nor do they vary in when and where they appear. It’s about memorizing the patterns, having decent aim and knowing what to do and when.

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Turns out, to actually do this challenge well you can’t just be good at shooting arrows into targets. You have to use the full Ranger bag of tricks, including using the Ivy Canopy talent. Dashing and spin kicks come into play too, so you have to be ready to be all over your controller or keyboard to fet this thing down. And to get it down enough to win a gold medal, you have to beat a par of 25 seconds. That’s beat a par mind you, so when you hit exactly 25 seconds like I did and don’t get anything for it, don’t be surprised. Like I was.

My best time, aka when I got the gold then quit forever, was 24.82. You can skid right on up to the cutoff point and still win the top trophy in Narrow Praxis. There are a few tips I can lay out, because certain parts of the challenge have pretty specific solutions.

  • Try to start shooting arrows at the top before the challenge officially starts, the right timing gets those out of the way as soon as they start
  • The fourth target down and to the right can be hit with a neutral shot on top of the small platform. Then you can pick the next two off without moving
  • The two that spawn to the left start impossible-looking challenges easily countered with Ivy Canopy. Use the spin kick light to drop a platform right under the gunk hanging from the left opening. Shoot one target and the other will pop. Then you can pop the next two sets of three with one shot each. Easy to forget Ivy Canopy gives your shots Spore properties!
  • The next part can be freestyled more, but try to do as much damage with as little movement as possible. If you’re fast enough you can spin kick and dash cancel across the line of three at the bottom to shave hella time off.
  • Here, do your best to clear the closest targets while watching the Ivy Canopy countdown. Mash that bad boy out to drop it as soon as it’s ready to clear the rest.

Do this stuff fast enough and you’ll get the gold.

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