How to Fix Warcraft Rumble Stuck at 50% Loading

Can't get this mobile MOBA to load? Find out why.

It looks like Warcraft fans may have something to do while they’re waiting for a Raid to populate in WoW now that Warcraft Rumble has arrived. However, if you’re stuck at 50% loading, it can be unbearable, so let’s get to fixing it.

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How To Fix Warcraft Rumble Loading Error

If you’re running into issues getting the game to load, there are normally recommended steps that we can tell you to try and help you get into the game sooner than expected. But, this time around, the biggest step that we can recommend is to take things slow and let the game load, even if you’re eager to get into the action.

It seems that this particular issue has been around since the initial round of preliminary testing, as evidenced by the Reddit thread posted above. User u/Flat_Landscape_4763 mentions that players will just need to let the game load and be patient, as it is likely downloading extra content from the servers. And with the sheer number of players flocking to the game, it may just take a little longer than normal for you to finally get in.

Don’t restart the game during the loading screen, as it will basically have you start from the beginning once again. Just wait it out, and you’ll be in sooner than expected. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, but if it does, you could likely restart it after waiting for longer than 15 minutes to try and refresh your connection to the server.

You’ll also want to ensure that you’re on a proper Wi-Fi network or that you’re connected to a mobile network and the connection is good because a slow connection means slower loading and downloading. So, patience is going to get you into Warcraft Rumble faster than anything else currently available as a troubleshooting step.

This new battle arena is looking to take the mobile scene by storm, so make sure that you’re up to date with our Warcraft Rumble section below. As the game continues to grow and evolve, we can only expect to see some wild things happen, so keep checking it out to make sure you’re ready for anything that it will bring.

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