How to Fix Voice Chat Not Working in Rocket League

Even more fun when you can talk with teammates.

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Rocket League matches are certainly easier with communication between players on the same team. Until recently, the vehicular soccer game only had text chat, but since May of this year, there’s now an in-game voice chat option, perfect for when you’re playing against a stranger and can’t use external apps like Discord to talk.

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However, with all new options come bugs, and voice chat not working is one of them, preventing some players from communicating with their teammates. Here’s how to fix voice chat not working in Rocket League. 

Rocket League Guide: Voice Chat Not Working

There are a handful of reasons why your voice chat may not be working, and we’ll go through these below.

  • Check if Voice Chat is enabled – Enter ‘Settings‘ on the left side of the screen and then select ‘Chat‘. Check if the ‘Enable Voice Chat‘ option is marked. If not, click on the square to enable voice chat. 
  • Make sure you have selected proper Input and Output Devices (Microphone/ Speakers) – Open Settings again, go to the ‘Audio‘ section, and choose the microphone and speakers you want to use in the game. 
  • Select Party Chat – In the ‘Chat‘ settings, select Party in ‘Preferred Voice Channel‘ so your friends will hear you while in the game. 
  • Verify Game Files – If the prior fixes didn’t help eliminate the issue, then check the Epic Games or Steam launcher. Select Options under Rocket League and then click ‘Verify’. The launcher will then download and replace any missing or corrupted game files.

Some other known fixes that can be helpful include:

  • Updating microphone driver
  • Updating Windows
  • Trying different microphones and/or speakers
  • Check if you have accidentally muted yourself

If nothing seems beneficial, contact Psyonix for Rocket League support. 

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