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How to Fix the Zenless Zone Zero Download Failed 200 Error on PC

Czechia users might want to check this out!

Zenless Zone Zero is easily one of the biggest releases of 2024 and another hit for miHoYo. The PC version runs pretty well across various hardware, but that doesn’t stop it from being immune to multiple server issues that past miHoYo titles have encountered. If you’re constantly running into the Zenless Zone Zero Download Failed 200 error, here is how you can get around it.

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Zenless Zone Zero Download Failed 200 Error Workaround

Currently, the only real way to get around the Download Failed 200 error in Zenless Zone Zero is to use a VPN service. After the download has been completed, you can turn off the VPN and play the game.

This is likely a regional server issue that is causing players from specific areas to be timed out while trying to communicate with the download servers.

The suggestions miHoYo’s team has provided to users don’t address this particular issue and read like generic catch-all recommendations for technical troubleshooting. Using a VPN is the only way to get around this for now.

You only need to use a VPN service when a download or an update (patch or hotfix) is available. After that, you can play the game without the need to turn it on. We have confirmed with multiple users that using a VPN allowed them to finally download the necessary files and play the game. A lot of users, particularly from Czechia have been running into this issue, leading us to believe that it’s likely regional.

We hope that miHoYo is aware of this issue and is working to address it in a patch. There have been multiple hotfixes since the release, so they are working on fixing technical issues. You can also contact customer support and submit a report through the Hoyo launcher.

Once you’re in the game though, we recommend checking out how you can unlock the photo mode, and access all your shots. For more on Zenless Zone Zero, make sure to check out our dedicated section.

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