How to Fix the Niamey Logan Data is Corrupt Error in MW3

Pressing yes won't kill you

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Don’t worry, you won’t lose everything. Here’s how to fix the Niamey Logan Data is Corrupt error in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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How to Fix the Niamey Logan Data is Corrupt Error in MW3

A new update in any game naturally brings a few hiccups and odd bugs. And that’s certainly the case with the latest update to Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). Players who have logged in have been hit with a screen that asks you to reset all of your unlocks to proceed.

Which is a terrifying question. But even if you say yes, you won’t lose anything.

To get rid of this error, all you need to do is press accept. This will allow you to move forward through the game like normal. You won’t lose your loadouts, your gun skins, or the perks you’ve grinded hours to unlock.

However, accepting will change a few of your settings, and your loadouts might be reset. That’s annoying and tedious, but better than losing everything you worked so hard for.

And while this has been confirmed by multiple people across Reddit and Twitter, it’s also been confirmed by Call of Duty Updates, the official source for all of Call of Duty updates. They even posted a Tweet about it.

Players logging into Season 1 may see an incorrect error message stating their data is corrupt. Rest assured that your rank, unlocks, and purchases are not lost, although Loadouts, customization, and certain settings may be reset.

So, reset your loadouts and dive right into Warzone or Zombies. And rest assured you won’t lose everything you grinded, dropshotted, and wiggled like a worm for.

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