How to Fix The Finals Servers Not Responding

Guess you won't be making it to the Finals

The Finals is a fast-paced free-to-play combat gameshow and, despite its sleek gameplay, it’s not immune from errors. Here’s how to fix The Finals Servers Not Responding.

How to Fix The Finals Servers Not Responding

If you’re loving The Finals unique combat and gameshow premise, you might be heartbroken by the fact that you can’t even load up a match. Fortunately, there are a handful of solutions that might fix this situation.

I’ll be delving into The Finals specific solutions that have worked for other players first, before hitting the tried-and-true solutions.

  • Check The Final’s Servers

First, let’s make sure this isn’t on your end. You can check the status of the servers for The Finals on their Twitter page.  

  • Disable any Overlay Programs

If you’re receiving an error message that says, “Servers Not Responding” and a follow-up message that says “anti-cheat integrity check”, overlay programs might be the issue.

Players who have HudSight installed and are using it have been triggering this error. And, if this is you, the only solution seems to be to start an entirely new account without the overlays on it.

However, other programs have also triggered this error. Players who have Riot Vanguard and Razer Synapse installed have also gotten this treatment. You’ll need to uninstall these and possibly start an entirely new account to avoid getting this error.

But if that doesn’t work or if you don’t have those programs installed…

  • Verify the Integrity of Your Game Files

The next step is to check for corrupted or missing game files if you’re playing on PC.

If you’re playing The Finals on PC and through Steam, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Select ‘Library’ in the top left.
  3. Find The Finals in the lefthand menu and right-click it.
  4. Select ‘Properties’.
  5. Select ‘Installed Files’.
  6. Select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’.

You’ll need to wait while your game files are being verified. But after that’s done, you should try booting up the game again and playing. I recommend you go to training before you jump into a real match, just in case you get dropped again.

  • When Nothing Else Works, Try Restarting Your Computer

It’s our last resort but try shutting down all the programs on your PC and console and then resetting. That’s a hard reset for consoles. With luck, that should resolve the issue.

For more guides on this new pvp gameshow, check out the best crosshair settings for The Finals.

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