How to Fix Palworld “The Match You Are Trying to Join is Running an Incompatible Version of the Game” Error

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Palworld MatchIncompatible Version of the Game Error
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With each Palworld update comes the potential for errors, especially if your game version differs from that of your friends or a server’s owner. Let’s talk about fixing the incompatible game version error so you can play Palworld with your friends again.

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How to Fix the Incompatible Game Version Server Error in Palworld

Below are some steps you and your friends can take to fix the incompatible game version error when joining a multiplayer server:

  1. Update Palworld so you and your friends are running the latest version.
  2. Update your Palworld server.
  3. Close and reopen Palworld.
  4. Restart your gaming platform (Steam or Game Pass).

Typically, this error results from new Palworld updates causing incompatibility between your client, your friend’s client, and the server’s version. The first thing to check is if your game is fully updated before asking your friend or whoever’s server you’re joining whether they’ve updated their client. If both of you are on the same version, you’ll have to update your server so it’s also up to date with Palworld’s current version.

If you’re unsure whether you’re on the same version, check the numbers in the bottom-right corner of your screen and compare them to your friend’s. You’re good to go if they’re both the same.

If you’ve completed those steps and still have issues, restart your game and attempt to rejoin the server. Sometimes, you may have to restart Steam, Game Pass, or your console to fully register the update, especially if it came out while you were playing or updated while the game was open.

There are occasionally situations where second or third patches come out shortly after a major update is released. Keep an eye on Palworld’s announcements and social media for more details on hotfixes, as these can disrupt your game and cause these errors. If you previously had no issues but ran into one after a brief break, follow-up patches may be the source of the problem, prompting you and your friends to do a quick update before resuming your playthrough.

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