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How to Fix OBS Failed to Load Channel Information for Twitch

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by Matt Vatankhah

Online gaming streams are all the rage these days, and Twitch remains the uncontended champion as the dominating platform for various types of live content. Though, being able to stream to Twitch and other live streaming sites require software to do so, and the majority of streamers use OBS Studio. Recently, a notable number of streamers are reporting a unique error while trying to use OBS that states the program “Failed to load channel information for Twitch”. If you’re a streamer encountering this issue, read on to learn how to fix it.

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How To Fix OBS Failed To Load Channel Information For Twitch

Below are some tested and reliable solutions to fix this error and get your channel back live and thriving:

1) Update OBS

  • Click Help near the top of OBS
  • Click Check For Updates
  • Update if available

2) Start OBS as Administrator

  • Locate your OBS file through Windows Explorer or the Start Menu search function
  • Right-click the file and click Run as administrator

3) Enable two-factor authentication on Twitch

  • Through Twitch, navigate to the Settings menu in your profile
  • Click the Security and Privacy tab
  • Scroll down and locate the large purple Set Up Two-Factor Authentication button
  • Click Enable 2FA
  • Enter your phone number and follow the verification steps

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4) Clear out your browser’s cache

  • On Google Chrome:
    • Click the dotted menu button at the top-right
    • Click Settings
    • Click Privacy and Security on the left
    • Click Clear Browsing Data
    • Make sure all options are checked, and click Clear Data
  • On Mozilla Firefox:
    • Open up the Settings menu
    • Click on Privacy and Security on the left
    • Under Cookies and Site Data, click Clear Data
    • Make sure all options are checked, and click Clear.

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Hopefully your channel is up and running for all your loyal fans. If this guide was helpful, check out our other guides here at Prima Games.